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1MB Education

1 year ago

If you are a university student be sure to add your university email address and verify it to enroll in the 1MB Education program. You will unlock select 1MB Pro functionality completely free of charge.

Go to your account settings and update your email to your university email, or register with it. After verifying your email you'll be enrolled automatically.

By default the 1MB Education program allows you to host 2 sites with 5 GB of storage. You can add custom domains to your sites. If your university has an admin they are able to grant you access to more sites with more resources, and can optionally enable more functionality.

4-8-2021 Changelog

1 year ago

We have pushed some updates to improve the platform.

cat typing lol

  • You can now preview your post in the blog post editor before saving it. Preview your blog post
  • Your blog posts will automatically use the first image you insert into post as the post's featured header image. Blog post header image
  • You can now customize your blog with a title, description, avatar, header image, and theme color. If using our default blogging template your site will automatically use these same settings. Customize your blog Shows on site too
  • Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't view blog posts on sites.

Note: If you have already installed our blogging template in the past and wish to upgrade to the latest version; open code editor and delete both of these files: 200.html and blog.css. Now when you go back to your profile the template install popup will reappear.

Thank you for using 1MB 💙

Blogging by 1MB is on Product Hunt

1 year ago

Check us out on Product Hunt!

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